Monday, July 27, 2009

Have to wait one more year!!!!!

Okay...sad news hit the Lindsey household..I have been getting so exctited about having a little one and anticipating to switch my insurance over (we didn't have maternity). So I had been told that it would go into effect immediately and so I didn't worry about anything much..(just switch it over).....Well to my surprise today I was informed by the actual insurance office that I had a 12 month waiting period!!! To some may not be a huge deal but to me..I have to hurt pretty bad!!!!!!! I'm so ready for a little one and to think that I have to wait a year and then 9 months (at the least) just kills me. I just hate having that much more age difference between Lane and baby #2.
However I'm going to try to look at this as positive as I can and love what I have now (Lane) and try to enjoy this special time before baby 2 enters this world. Sorry just had to vent before I explode!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everyones nice words of encouragement!!! In time...I just have to be patient!!