Friday, February 27, 2009

Little memories make great futures....

Lets go back a few years.....just seemed like yesterday!!
Okay Lane could not have been anymore cleaner..right??

How cute is this??
Love it!! Lane was making Evan
laugh by rocking!!
They were soo little..
This is the cake Lane and
I made the other day..sad to say
this is the first one I've done like this..
Lesley will be sooo!! Oh yeah..
this was right before Lane got sick..can't you tell??
Lane and Evan had their giggle box on
during the way home from Moonlite..they loved
taking pictures and then looking and laughing at!
Lane and evan at Moonlite.
Next big!
Playdough time..

So...for everyone who said that I need a new post..hope that is enough for!! I love to look back in time and I found a disk with a bunch of sweet pictures..It's sad yet amazing to see how much your child changes in just a few years..I'm looking forward to making more memories....hope you enjoyed!!