Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm thankful for you!!

Well....Thanksgiving is here and Christmas around the corner. Wow!! how this year has flown by!! Sometimes we forget to take the time to stop and be thankful for what God has done for us and the people he has placed in our lives.....here are just a few things I'm thankful for...

I am thankful that God saved my soul.

I am thankful that for my caring husband who works hard to make sure to provide for his family.

I am thankful for the most precious gift I could ever receive..Lane.

I am thankful for my church what we stand for and for my family and friends.

I am thankful that God has watched over mamaw, Leda, and Ella Mae, Leo, I'm sure I will not remember every single one but that God answered prayers, and let us have a little more time with the ones we love.

I am thankful for my mom for showing me how to love...and dad for being such strong and steadfast inspiration to me.

I am thankful for my loving sis and brothers.

I am thankful for my grandparents and the example set before me.

I am thankful for the family that I married into and how they each one have touched my life in their own way.

I am thankful for the wonderful people I work with.

I am thankful that at the present moment everyone is in pretty good health.

I am thankful that God watched over me when I was deathly sick (3yrs. old) and let me experience life.

I am thankful for each friend I have...some I see and talk to often..others...maybe we don't get the chance to talk everyday... but please know that I love each and everyone of you..and you each hold a special place in my heart!!

Have a great thanksgiving holiday!! :)