Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rough day?? Need a laugh....Enjoy!!! :)

Rough day??? Don't worry this will make you smile!!!

End of the day I go to pick Lane up and notice I've lost my cell phone. So..I pick him up head back to Brownsville office to look, of course it's not there that would be too easy! I head back home frustrated my mind going 90 miles a minute trying to trace my tracks...when all of the sudden out of no where appears a huge deer on the road...did I mention that it was DEAD!! I'm in a curve with a truck in front of me and he straddles and so I gasp...I have no choice but to straddle..considering I have no time to think!!! OMG....you can just imagine the enchanting sound of bones, guts, hide and all raking the under side of my car!!!! LOVELY!!! So I get home pull in the garage and smell what smells like an electrical fire..I freak out and head upstairs...nothing is on..everything looks fine. So I head back downstairs and notice the smell is coming from my car. I look underneath..........................OMG....are you ready for this??????? Uh......there was hide and guts dangling from my car...the smell was atrocias!!!! I instantly grab Lane and head to the carwash. This is where it gets good!!! I get the sprayer and turn on soap, get down on my knees with my head resting on the concrete..which is all nice and wet!! I spray and it looked like a food processor going....guts flying every direction possible and if that's not embarrasing enough...I've got Lane on the other side saying "OHHH gross mom that's the dead deer's guts!!" Really? I'm sure the people at Minit Mart didn't hear you!!! I have men staring at me as I'm almost in a lay down position!!!! So with my pants and hair on one side soaking wet I go over to look and I swear it looked like someone just did surgery...not sure but I'm almost certain it was intestines...and ...they wouldn't go down the stupid drain!!! So I do all I can do head back home and it still smells terrible and still some remains left burried in there. I'm leaving the car outside in hopes of a wild animal or vulture will do their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and guess what my stinking cell phone was in my purse in a side pocket on vibrate all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously...I could start my own column!!!!!!!!!!

Only me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!