Friday, December 26, 2008

It's the Simple Things in Life that are...priceless!!

Christmas 2008..
Lane and his dozer...need I say more??


Me and my baby..

They are waiting for us give them the okay

to Bray's excitment in his eyes!!

Too cute..

Me, Natalie, Aimee and Olivia at Mamaws..


The Lindsey family grandchildren..

Fun times for sure...

Mamaw and some of her great-grandchildren...

It was the usual Christmas run-around for us..everyone seemed to enjoy there selves...I know we are priceless..and ever is our lives...with that said I really tried to take in the small things this Mamaw and how she enjoyed this Christmas..Lane how after all of the toys Santa brought him still likes the simple things..a box...he played and is still playing with...David and I (just like all of you) try to get just what we think our child will like...but once you really stop to think... maybe even as when you were a child it's the small things... the simple things in our lives that makes us happy...a joy that money just can not buy!!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours,


Friday, December 19, 2008

Creating Christmas Memories!!

Let them be little.....

Lane and Layke...two of a kind!! Alison and Layke..
Tracy and Bailey..
Lane and I...
Boys making some tasty cookies..
Lane's cookie..
How cute is this?!?
Okay try to guess my snowman only weighs 100 pounds! LOL!!

So we decided to get the boys together and make Christmas ornaments and cookies...we had such a great time..I actually think that me, Alison, Tracy and Ashley all enjoyed making the ornaments...a little more.....we kind of took!! If you hadn't guessed yet my ornament is the blue one with a toboggan..however it does favor an old! We sit and made fun of each other's ornaments all night..Alison is the crafty one of the bunch...but I have to say I did give her a run for her money!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter fun!!

Can you say waterpark in the WINTER?!?

Layke coming down the slide.

The fun slides!!

The boys posing..

How neat is this setting for Santa?? Finally he sits in Santa's lap..with a little bribery!!

We set off on a mini vacation to a water park close to Louisville called Pirates Bay...even though the trip was pretty short..Lane still managed to ask how much longer..about fifty times. Once we got there..I was a little hesitant about getting in considering it was hmm 23 degrees outside, but to my surprise it was very warm water and all. We all had sooo much fun and yes if you know me very know that I'm probably the biggest yes I hit the slides wide!! Then after we were done there we decided to have a little fun we went to Indiana to shop...we were really enjoying ourselves until we went into Kirklands....well.....Lane decided he would knock everything over in the whole STINKIN STORE!!! I was at my wits end with him and was heading out the door (just picture this) the door handles are less than 10ft. away and I'm thinking okay we haven't damaged anything yet and I'm almost out of here..(now imagining slow motion)..all of the sudden I hear a loud thud...I slowly turn around and look and......yep you guessed it there lays MY son on the floor with a snowman (his size) right next to him..I could have died...I think to myself should I act like I don't know him and hide.....but of course I went over to help him AND the snowman up...I realized the snowman's nose was...uhhhh...lets just say unfixable if that's a word!! So..I turn to see who saw..should I tell... or hit the door....and of course being the nice perfect little preacher's daughter...I raised the snowman up jerked Lane up.....and raced out the door!!!LOL!!!

We also went to Bass Pro and that's where they had Santa's workshop..everything was, games, crafts. This was Lane's first visit with Santa since he was two. He has finally overcome his fear...whoo hoo!! All in all we had a great trip...just hope there wasn't any hidden cameras in Kirklands!!!:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm thankful for you!!

Well....Thanksgiving is here and Christmas around the corner. Wow!! how this year has flown by!! Sometimes we forget to take the time to stop and be thankful for what God has done for us and the people he has placed in our are just a few things I'm thankful for...

I am thankful that God saved my soul.

I am thankful that for my caring husband who works hard to make sure to provide for his family.

I am thankful for the most precious gift I could ever receive..Lane.

I am thankful for my church what we stand for and for my family and friends.

I am thankful that God has watched over mamaw, Leda, and Ella Mae, Leo, I'm sure I will not remember every single one but that God answered prayers, and let us have a little more time with the ones we love.

I am thankful for my mom for showing me how to love...and dad for being such strong and steadfast inspiration to me.

I am thankful for my loving sis and brothers.

I am thankful for my grandparents and the example set before me.

I am thankful for the family that I married into and how they each one have touched my life in their own way.

I am thankful for the wonderful people I work with.

I am thankful that at the present moment everyone is in pretty good health.

I am thankful that God watched over me when I was deathly sick (3yrs. old) and let me experience life.

I am thankful for each friend I have...some I see and talk to often..others...maybe we don't get the chance to talk everyday... but please know that I love each and everyone of you..and you each hold a special place in my heart!!

Have a great thanksgiving holiday!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation in the Smokies 2008.

Our family at the Dixie Stampede.
The boys when we first arrived at the Smokies.....
and when we were leaving...think you can tell a difference??

My sweet baby!!
Really neat place to go.

We're off to the Smokies all smiles for at

least an hour until Lane ask Lesley..

Are we there yet..fifty!

The Spainhowards for now..can't wait for Elly Claire!!

Just in case you missed the first

didn't know how to delete it!!!

Okay let's just say The Smokies is so much more fun when you have children. I have been several times but it was different this time..seeing Lane getting excited made me happy. First of all Eric and Lesley were driving the van of the had pretty much anything you needed..aside from a even had a gps which is pretty useful unless you have captain Dave aboard...who gets us lost by telling Eric that the gps was wrong...and.......Eric believed him while Lesley and I were like's just a short cut..but he decided to listen to ol' trusty Dave...and yep you guessed it we had to turn around..but we only had to back track about fifty!! Well, maybe not that far but...far! We really had a great time and ate like favorite past time! Even had some Krispy Kreme...yumm! Lesley and I decided we would go into a haunted house..which was pretty scary..but soo funny that I almost peed my pants and needed to repent for saying a few... umm.... lets just say un-christian like words!! The boys had a ball and did a little bit of everything..even at that..I still think that they enjoyed the pool the best..Great memories!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr. Wildcat 2008!!

Hallie Sue and Lane...Little Mr. and Ms. Wildcat of 2008!!
Shae, Luke, Hallie and Lane..Mr. and Ms. Wildcat.
Lane and Hallie
Luke and Lane..studs!!
Love birds...
Me and my baby boy!
Too cute!!

So as you can tell Lane was chosen Mr. Wildcat along with Luke. To say the least it was nearly impossible to keep the boy clean!! First of all we had to be there at six and then of course he didn't go out until half time!! So..I had my work cut out for me!! Lane and Hallie have been boyfriend and girlfriend since preschool and they are pretty serious about each other!! In fact..Shae wanted to be escorted by Lane and Hallie informed her that he was with!! They all looked soo sweet. However Lane and Hallie decided to completely walk off the field instead of standing in was too funny!! Anyways....aside from me about giving Lane a tracheotomy from one of the pins on his ribbon..things went great!!!!