Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation in the Smokies 2008.

Our family at the Dixie Stampede.
The boys when we first arrived at the Smokies.....
and when we were leaving...think you can tell a difference??

My sweet baby!!
Really neat place to go.

We're off to the Smokies all smiles for at

least an hour until Lane ask Lesley..

Are we there yet..fifty!

The Spainhowards for now..can't wait for Elly Claire!!

Just in case you missed the first

didn't know how to delete it!!!

Okay let's just say The Smokies is so much more fun when you have children. I have been several times but it was different this time..seeing Lane getting excited made me happy. First of all Eric and Lesley were driving the van of the had pretty much anything you needed..aside from a even had a gps which is pretty useful unless you have captain Dave aboard...who gets us lost by telling Eric that the gps was wrong...and.......Eric believed him while Lesley and I were like's just a short cut..but he decided to listen to ol' trusty Dave...and yep you guessed it we had to turn around..but we only had to back track about fifty!! Well, maybe not that far but...far! We really had a great time and ate like favorite past time! Even had some Krispy Kreme...yumm! Lesley and I decided we would go into a haunted house..which was pretty scary..but soo funny that I almost peed my pants and needed to repent for saying a few... umm.... lets just say un-christian like words!! The boys had a ball and did a little bit of everything..even at that..I still think that they enjoyed the pool the best..Great memories!!