Monday, June 22, 2009

A little bit of this and that.

Celebrating our 11yr. anniversary.
Lane the fisherman.
My baby..
If I only had longer
Sweet baby Ella getting a bath
Lane jumping off of Trent and Robynn's
Lane's 10 pound bass.
Celebrating father's day..(Aimee was in Louisville
with Brian's family).
Long time no post...hard to believe David and
I have been married 11yrs. We celebrated by going out
to eat at Colton's and playing a little minature golf..nothing
too romantic..but still a lot of fun..:)
Lane was soo excited to catch this ten pound bass...he held it as long as he could for everyone to take pics..and then his little arm gave out and he dropped it.....into the lake....I believe that is the fastest I've seen Trent move..he managed to get!!! We had a great time at the lake with the Madison families.. Lane was a brave soul jumping off the top of the houseboat..he doesn't get that from his!!!!
Finally father's day...whew is it me or is it a lot of running..if I didn't get a enough of Colton's Friday...we went back it was great...followed by a cookout, swimming and cornhole at David's family. As all of you know I love my dad very much and feel he is irreplaceable....but I'm just as thankful for the wonderful.. caring father that David is to Lane.....and to baby #2........................????? Can't wait...and no I'm not pregnant...YET!!!!.....:)


Lesley said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved all of your pictures - can't wait to show Eric Lane's fish! And you got me all excited with that baby #2 comment!

Carol said...

Okay, I almost passed out trying to get to my cell phone when I read the baby #2 comment. All I can say is that I better not find out from your blog! :-) Can't wait though!

Staffanne said...

Oh my goodness, you had me jumping up and down for a second or two....Baby #2? I can't wait to hear the pregnant news! So glad you are finally considering, as I told you earlier, this pregnancy could be so easy unlike the last one. Happy Anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! You almost got me with the baby #2 comment, too! Hopefully not too much longer:)

Jessica M said...

You almost had me fooled!!!! I can't wait for you to have another baby! Love the pic of Ella! Glad you had a good anniversary!

The Butlers said...

It does make for a busy weekend with father's day and anniversary the same weekend doesn't it? Glad you all had a nice anniversary. You had me fooled too. I was thinking, "I had no idea she was pregnant!!"

The Kyle Family said...

b.....are you losing. babies.....don't do it!!! lol lol......yikes....i am excited about your anniversary though!! ;)