Monday, August 3, 2009

My little man starts first grade..

First grade here I come!!

Lane and Wesley...sweet!!

Looks pretty innocent right?

Who knew pulling a truck
with a chain would get all tangled up??

Lane's "BIG" catch yesterday

Well, another summer quickly passes us bye and our sweet little babies start another school year. Lane was up bright and early 5:15...sounds crazy for someone who was sad to have to go to school..right??? All summer Lane was dreading going back to school. He loves his teachers but as many of you know he would rather be riding his four wheeler or seeing how much dirt he can manage get all over him...However today he was ready..we checked into school and I sat with him while he ate his breakfast...then....we came to the end of the hall and he said are you going out that door?????????!!!!!! I said will you be okay??..(don't he need me to console him and tell him everything is going to be okay while wiping his tears..because he is going to miss me soo bad) Instead...he was like "Yeah I'll see you this afternoon!!!"
However..he did kiss and hug me about five times and that helped some..:) He loves his teacher (Mrs. Dana) and seems to be pretty excited so far.
I went and brought him home for lunch and let him ride his four wheeler...looked outside and found him hooking "his Chevy" up to the four wheeler...I thought how cute..I'll snap a picture..then he took off and wrapped a huge chain around the inside of the four wheeler...YIKES!! :)

Yesterday, Lane and I went to Mamaw's to fish a little...hmmm..well you could say I'm not the avid fishermen..considering we used hotdog for bait and I brought a utility glove in case we actually caught remove the!!! To my surprise we caught 7 bluegill and one monster fish that broke our line... Kathy had to take the first one off the hook!! I just hate the way they flop around....=)

We hope all of our friends and family had a great first day back and has a great year!!


Stephanie said...

I can't belive he is in 1st grade! Love the picture of the 4 wheeler! he's all boy!

Carol said...

Love the pictures. Glad Lane had a great first day of first grade!

The Stice's said...

Great pictures!! Glad he had a great day!

Emily V. said...

He's so cute. He is definately all boy. Glad he had a great first day!

The Kyle Family said...

i love love love that kid...i swear he reminds me of wesley....hooking stuff up ....errrr....i happen to think that pic of those 2 blonde boys is pretty hotttt!!!

Alicia Jane said...

What a sweetie!! We definitely need to get Eli and Lane together. There will be trouble I am sure :) But hey boys will be boys!

Terri / Alias, Gran said...

I remember exactly what you are talking about. It is still crystal clear in my mind. I was walking up the sidewalk to take Alison the first day of kindergarten and Mr. Cassady said, "Terri I can't believe you have a child old enough to be starting school." I almost lost it! As soon as we signed in Alison turned to me and said, "I'll take it from here mom." Does that not sound just like the Alison we all still know today?